Do You Feel Guilty?

Guilt is a substantial emotion to overcome at times. Guilt is defined as having committed a specified or implied offense or crime. Guilt is an emotion few of us can claimed we’ve never experienced. Whether it be something minor or something monumental, as dictated by our perceptions, guilt is a common emotion.

Having said that, guilt can affect you in many ways. Guilt can, based on the magnitude of the weight it bares, either insight a change in our behavior as to avoid a repeat of the action causing the guilt, or it can tear you down altogether.

Guilt can have a negative impact on your relationships, your confidence, and your production. Even beyond that, guilt can have a negative influence on your health. If for some reason you are feeling a sense of guilt, it’s time to analyze it and find a way to overcome it. Guilt can grow like a snowball downhill, and before you know it, that snowball is too big to stop.

If you feel a sense of guilt and feel you need help to overcome it, let Clinton Harris Coaching help!