Are You Courageous?

Many of us feel that courage is not a part of our daily lives. Even more of us may feel that we are not courageous in our daily lives and have done nothing in our lives that warrant valor through our courageous actions. Well let me tell you, that’s not the case. You are more courageous than you would ever imagine. Courage is defined as the ability to do something that frightens one. Facing anything that insights a form of apprehension or fear requires courage.

The journey we call life is not easy, although is can be an amazingly joyful and fulfilling journey. With that said, life can also be tough and filled with “speed bumps”. These speed bumps are the reason you are more courageous than you believed yourself to be. Overcoming your “speed bumps” takes effort, strength, and yes, courage. Facing one’s fears can be difficult, but once you have you are installed with a sense of pride for having overcome those obstacles. In order to do this, it took a great deal of courage, so it’s time to reanalyze your situations and see the strong, capable, and courageous person you are, and allow that sense of courage to permeate your thoughts.

Each individual must overcome their own obstacles, and in turn each of these obstacles is perceived differently by each individual. Remember, let us not determine whether we perceive an obstacle as major or minor for someone, but accept the fact that their perception of their specific obstacle may be differently perceived and because of that, they may view it as major or minor in their eyes, thus requiring courage to overcome that obstacle.